Ullico Retirement Solutions was born from a simple idea. Labor should provide for the needs of labor.

Ullico recognizes the fact that defined contribution (DC) retirement benefits are now complementing many traditional defined benefit (DB) plans. To meet the ever changing needs of labor, through Ullico Retirement Solutions we have expanded our services beyond DB to include the DC universe and all aspects of financial planning for the future.

Ullico teamed up with Acropolis Investment Management, a registered investment adviser with a long history of working with DC plans, to launch Ullico Retirement Solutions through a sub-advisory relationship between Ullico Investments Advisors and Acropolis.

As you know, Ullico has a long history of providing insurance and investment solutions for labor in an industry where high quality, trusted, objective advice is hard to come by. Ullico Retirement Solutions, a provider with dedicated professionals who have a high level of experience in the technical elements of qualified plans, is another arm of this trusted advisory relationship.

We make a difference by putting the needs of the hard working men and women of this country first.

Ullico is labor’s solution to labor’s defined contribution needs.  Ullico Retirement Solutions acts as an ERISA 3(38) full fiduciary or a 3(21) co-fiduciary partner. We reduce and unbundle fees allowing all parties to see every cost. We offer an outstanding service model. Plus, we offer member education to produce positive investor behavior.

We serve union organizations, union employers and union members with Defined Contribution trustee or member directed solutions that are fee-only, which means we do not receive compensation from any brokerage firm, mutual fund company, insurance company, or any source other than you. We represent only you and your interests when managing your plan.