Ullico recognizes the fact that defined contribution (DC) retirement benefits are now complementing many traditional defined benefit (DB) plans. To meet the ever changing needs of labor, Ullico, who has long served the investment needs of DB plans, expanded its services to include the DC universe through Ullico Retirement Solutions (URS), a provider with dedicated professionals and substantial high-level experience in the technical elements of qualified plans.

Ullico Retirement Solutions is committed to:

  • Educating members about their defined contribution plan and investing in general.
  • Providing a cost-effective, fee transparent solution.
  • Providing an appropriate number of investment options: enough to create a diversified portfolio yet not so many that participants are bewildered.
  • Serving as an ERISA 3(38) full fiduciary or ERISA 3(21) co-fiduciary with plan trustees, thus alleviating the trustees of all or some of the liability associated with investment selections.
  • Providing an exceptional level of service to the plan trustees.

URS is labors’ solution to labors’ defined contribution needs.  We act as a full or co-fiduciary, reduce and unbundle fees allowing all parties to see every cost, create an outstanding service model, and offer member education that produces positive investor behavior.